List of functionalities

Preview of current sales and stock status

Dealer Booster allows you to track and analyze the current status of car sales and stock...

Our system allows you to track available cars on the stock and collects data such as reservation volume, sold cars, and deadstock status. You can also monitor financing and sales teams and track interest in the offer on a chosen online marketplace (such as

Data exchange with DMS

Our software provides data exchange with the dealership's DMS software...

When a car is admitted to stock, information from the DMS is automatically imported into Dealer Booster. Among other things, such information is downloaded as transportation costs, the insurance sales when the car is purchased, and the costs associated with taking the vehicle into stock. Thanks to data centralization with Dealer Booster, you can quickly proceed with remarketing and selling a car.

Reports and summaries

Our software gives you the ability to generate various types of reports...

Each report can be exported to an Excel file.

Among the most significant types of reports are:
● Basic report
● Leads report
● Price change report
● Sales and sales team reports
● Test drives
● Dead stock report
● Report of interest
● Battery status report
● Eurotax valuation report

Reporting the results of the sales team

Our application allows you to increase the performance of your sales teams...

With Dealer Booster, you can create sales teams, set monthly sales targets, and control the teams' performance. Our software lets you quickly view all completed deals and analyze each team's purchase, sales, profit, and margin data.

You can also create a sales report including prices, costs, discounts, margins, and important dates, such as purchase and sale dates.

Eurotax integration and
instant stock acceptance

Dealer Booster integrates with databases like Eurotax, which provides catalogs of cars with their current market values...

Thanks to the implemented integration, the following data are retrieved: pricing, car equipment, and basic information about the car. Based on the downloaded data from the database, Dealer Booster helps to list a vehicle in stock instantly.

In addition, Dealer Booster allows you to generate a Eurotax valuation report (with the option to download an Excel file). The report shows, for example, the number of unique and repeated valuations and how many appraisals ended with a car purchase.

Automated offers creation

With our software, you can automate the creation of sales proposals...

Dealer Booster pulls data about the car from a database like Eurotax and creates an offer based on the acquired pricing. Our system allows you to create automatic templates for offer descriptions. To make the offer more attractive, you can add photos and videos and 360° photos.

After adding an offer, external advertising portals and marketplaces automatically export. The finished offer can also be exported to PDF. It is also possible to create an individual offer, where you can edit the content, propose a special price, or purchase accessories at a special price.

Automatic offer export to websites

Dealer Booster allows automatic export to online advertising portals (online car exchanges) popular in regions or countries...

In Poland, such websites include Autotrader, OTOMOTO, Allegro, OLX, and Facebook MarketPlace.

We can integrate Dealer Booster with the website pointed out by the dealer.

Own webpage with advertisements

With Dealer Booster software, you can create your own website with sales advertisements...

The information is automatically downloaded from our system; based on it, you can create an offer available online. The pulled data includes specifications, description, equipment, representative photos, 360° photos, and dealer information.

Each dealer network can create a dedicated sub-page for a particular dealership and personalize it accordingly (information about the dealership, logo, address, contact, etc.).

Integration with banks, insurers and other web portals

We integrate our software with many entities in finance, insurance, security, appraisal, online stock exchanges etc...

We guarantee integration with financial institutions, insurance brokers, and advertisement portals (such as Allegro or OTOMOTO). In addition, Dealer Booster has integration with the Eurotax database. Finally, we offer the possibility of using the VC360 application, which supports and facilitates the digitalization of the vehicle sales process.

Alarms and notifications

Dealer Booster has an alert and notification function that informs you of important events that require your attention...

The system can show negative alarms (e.g., an error in accessing an external service or an expired car warranty) and positive alarms (finding an offer matching a customer survey).

Alarms also help to improve an offer and make it more attractive from a marketing standpoint. Alarms can remind you to add a car photo or a more detailed description.

Dealer Booster can also send users announcements, such as information about the availability of a new feature in the system.

Wholesale auction web portal

Dealer Booster allows you to create an auction portal for wholesale...

Depending on your needs, we can create an efficient auction system through Dealer Booster software.

Our application has various features related to auctions, including automatic price boosting during bidding, automatic rejection or acceptance of bids, and sending direct inquiries to the auctioneer.