Boost your
car deals
with us

Boost your
car deals
with us

Manage your stock from one place

Dealer Booster is a comprehensive stock management tool for new and used cars

  • Organized car remarketing
  • Effective in-store and online sales
  • Multi-level analytics
  • Easy-to-use interface
Dealer Booster to kompleksowe narzędzie
Śledź osiągane wyniki remarketingu i sprzedaży

Sales on one screen

  • Study the interest and effectiveness of your offers
  • Monitor dead stock status and make firm decisions
  • Track the performance of remarketing and sales

    Sales on one screen

    • Study the interest and effectiveness of your offers
    • Monitor dead stock status and make firm decisions
    • Track the performance of remarketing and sales

      Integrations with Eurotax, insurers and banks

      Buy insurance, keep deadlines under control, make deals, and monitor funding status.
      View a list of all integrations
      Integracje z Eurotax, ubezpieczycielami i bankami

      New quality of sales

      Gather interviews, contacts, and information in one place to increase your car sales.
      Nowa jakość sprzedaży

      Dealer networks use Dealer Booster to improve
      sales performance and for comprehensive
      dealership management

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      More than 240 dealerships
      in 4 countries
      More than 700 authorized service centers in the EU
      are using Sirocco Mobile software

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      Frequently asked questions

      Yes, of course. Customizing Dealer Booster's functionality to suit your business needs is always possible. Our standard packages result from conditions reported for the past eight years by used car dealers, with volumes ranging from dozens to hundreds of units per month.
      Yes, absolutely. Your offer can be automatically published on the most influential advertising portals of your choosing. From a single panel of our application, you can freely edit a given ad and add publication places on external websites. Also, the offer you created will be published on your individual website in the Dealer Booster ecosystem.
      Of course. Dealer Booster is suitable for both used and new car sales. It is perfect for multi-brand and multi-branch dealerships, with everything accessible from a single panel.
      Among the basic functionalities containing CRM elements are the so-called lead collection and customer interview functions. This way, when a customer's desired vehicle appears in your stock, the sales consultant will receive a notification immediately. After that, they can quickly contact the customer to present an offer and close the sale.
      So far we have developed more than a dozen integrations and we are still working on more. You will see more on our subpages, where you can find a complete overview. Depending on your needs, we will integrate our application with relevant systems to help you conduct effective car remarketing.
      You can purchase Dealer Booster in the Saas (Software as a Service) model. The cost consists of software implementation and a license fee. Different pricing packages are available based on the number of modules, add-ons, services (add-ons, services (e.g., call center), or integration with other systems. We always want to customize Dealer Booster to meet the individual business needs of a given company.
      Depending on your preference, data is stored in the cloud (Cloud Computing), on Dealer Booster's dedicated servers, or on servers directly specified by the customer.
      We take privacy very seriously, and we implement several risk mitigation measures, such as:
      • We use encryption technology to prevent access to your unauthorized data.
      • We regularly test and evaluate the effectiveness of our systems and technology.
      • We provide privacy training for our employees to ensure they understand their responsibilities in handling personal data and are familiar with proper handling procedures.
      • Only selected employees have access to your personal information.
      • We use industry-standard technologies to protect our information systems from accidental or intentional misuse.
      Yes, of course. We offer a trial version of our software. Once you request it, you will receive temporary access to our system to try it out.
      Currently, Dealer Booster is available in three languages: Polish, English, and German. We plan to support more languages in the future.